The Women of Tel Aviv

In my experience, both as a woman and a Latter-day Saint, the topic of pornography has always been a very hush-hush one.  Of course, I have been taught all the dangers and terrible consequences of this addicting problem, but I have always been assured that it is a problem that men have and that men therefore have to solve.  In my research this week, I was impressed with a group of women in Tel Aviv, Israel, who took the problem of pornography into their own hands, and I realized that  because most pornographic material objectifies and abuses women, it is important for women to be involved in this issue, instead of leaving it solely to men to solve.  The women of Tel Aviv sent a powerful statement as they walked the streets, tossing huge piles of pornographic magazines from streetside vendors into black garbage bags. They sent the message thay they are offended and disgusted by pornography and that they would not stand by and watch while men indulge in these materials without speaking up and voicing their distaste. It is a message that women need to send all over the world.  “The public’s indifference is saddening,” says Ronit Ehrenfroind- Cohen, director of the department for the status of women in Tel Aviv. “I am learning that people are not aware, that they are cynical and have no desire to take a stand and do something. They walk by and leaf through ‘Banana,’ and for a moment they might actually think that this isn’t okay. That’s why there is no alternative but to take to the streets, initiate campaigns and promote awareness of the issue.”  When we, as women, stop looking the other way while men indulge in harmful pornography, we can effect a strong tide of change in our societies, making it widely known that pornography is harmful to women and unacceptable to us. We need to send the message that we will not tolerate such materials being sold in our cities, at our convenience stores.  We need to be involved in the fight against pornography.

—by LJL

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