Who Will Do It?

Every week the coders get together for a meeting where we go over what we’ve been up to. Additionally, we discuss articles, news, and books pertaining to gender issues. A few weeks ago, our discussion led us to women in legislature. We talked about the need for women in legislative positions to help influence the laws being made.

We discussed how countries with women in high-ranking government positions are better off than those without. One of the coders pointed out that there are more women in the Iraqi legislature than there are in the United States. As we were discussing this in our meeting, someone asked how we thought we could get more women involved in the US legislature. Who would balance family life and policy-making? As I looked around the room, I thought to myself, “Are you going to do it? Is she going to do it? Am I going to do it?” Working on this project gives us the knowledge that so many people do not have. It also gives us the responsibility to do something with it. I left the meeting that day frustrated. What was I going to do with the knowledge that I have acquired?

As I walked across campus to my next class, I passed a young couple with their little baby. She had come up to campus to meet her husband with some food. With thoughts from the meeting still on my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder if that would be me some day, or if I would be the one trying to balance legislature with family. Not to say that we all have to become congresswomen or senators, but what are we going to do with what we know? This project uncovers the plight of women throughout the world. How are we going to use it to make a difference?

—by KA

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