Breast for Baby

The other day I walked into a “pulpería” (a really small store) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where I am currently on a three month internship. I chose what I was going to buy, walked up to the counter… and then purchased it, helped by a woman who had casually laid both breast and breastfeeding baby on the counter as she worked the till. This was not an isolated occurrence, either; I have seen mothers breastfeeding their babies in church, in school, in the Career Resource Center where I work and even, once, in the middle of the street while simultaneously holding what appeared to be a very pleasant conversation with a man. There are never any cover-ups. There is never any hiding in a corner, and never any shame.

It is so… refreshing. I am not necessarily advocating the free breast-baring, which certainly is not for everyone and at times probably not all that appropriate (Sunday School?). I’m sure there is a happy medium between baring all, anywhere, and being too worried about covering up at the expense of a baby’s needs. Yet each and every time I see one of these women doing what is best for her baby, no matter what the effort and cost to her plans, her schedule and her sleeping patterns, it just makes me so happy. And if this means a few more breast-sightings than I’m used to… I’m really ok with it.

—by VN

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