Raising Awareness on Women’s Rights

Life for women worldwide seems to be slowly improving as they struggle to secure their rights. It is vitally important to continue to bring awareness to the global human rights issues some women still face. By shedding light on gender inequality and creating empowerment through knowledge and resources, women’s lives will continue to improve. Recently we have witnessed significant progress, including, driving rights for women in Saudi Arabia, the new law in Egypt that bans Female Genital Mutilation, or in Iran, where women have been allowed into a soccer stadium. Effective coverage of these gains should be publicized and celebrated around the world. This can directly change the way societies treat women by advancing gender equality.

There is every reason to be optimistic regarding the future of oppressed women. We are witnessing a global shift in the advancement of women’s rights, and by working together, we are helping others achieve what was once thought to be impossible. Today there are an ever-increasing number of women entrepreneurs, company founders, and CEOs. We are seeing more women speak up with critical ideas, empowering societies and improving lives of women.  Moreover, we see men assisting women through the important strategic steps that help them achieve their dreams. We have brothers encouraging sisters, fathers nurturing daughters, and husbands who believe in their wives. We see women, encouraging children to be strong and independent which is completing the circle of care for the next generation just like the generations of women before them. Slowly but surely, women are beginning to realize their dream of human rights and gender equality. Progress is being made.  

I understand that with all the progress we are making, we have so much more to do. Like the fact, more women are affected by natural disasters than men. Women are also suffering at a greater level when it comes to health and wellness and living standards. For example, a women’s workload can be increased by having a job outside the home, while they are also expected to accomplish the majority of the domestic jobs in the home. This is illustrated in an interesting Harvard faculty survey.  

In addition, women suffer more statistically with rapes and domestic violence. The future for women will change by illuminating the issues, encouraging education, and improving resources. Together we can teach women how to better prepare for disasters, how to identify abusive behaviors, and how to protect against sexual assaults. However, with this knowledge must come resources. Essential requirements include education, counseling, and safe lodging.  An easy way to remember what at-risk women need would be the acronym “SEEK” – Safety, Empowerment, Empathy, and Knowledge.

Women are a strong, smart, savvy, inspired group, yet there are still many global issues that need to be overcome. For example, there are countries with guardianship laws that require women to seek permission from a man or guardian to obtain a passport to travel abroad. Forced marriage still exists, human trafficking and violence continue to be a global crisis.  

Together we can continue the momentum of change. Become a mentor, even if it is for just one day. Share encouraging stories about women and spotlight where change is needed. Teach, reach, and empower others. One day at a time. One person at a time. Together we can change the world in a positive way, empowering woman globally for future generations.


— by Carrie Pasquarello

CEO Global Secure Resources Inc.

3 thoughts on “Raising Awareness on Women’s Rights

  1. Jill says:

    The acronym “SEEK” is a great way to remember how best to help oppressed women. Thanks for posting this article.

  2. Ashley Alley says:

    I absolutely love this post! It is a delicate balance of being positive but also highlighting the issues that still remain. That is an important concept: balance. We cannot simply spend all of our time celebrating successes, nor can we spend all of our days letting our righteous anger fester over the continued discrepancies. The successes should motivate us to continue looking for ways to improve, while the continuing discrepancies should sure as a foil to help better emphasize the excitement that comes with those successes we are seeing.

    Thank you for your words, Ms. Pasquarello. I have taken them to heart!

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