I Am Not a Penalty

Co-ed intramural sports sound like a great opportunity, and being here at Texas A&M University made it all the better.  If you’re female, you receive mandatory playing time and men have to include you in plays. However after first glance, I discovered to my dismay that many of these rules counter gender equality.  In both … Continue reading I Am Not a Penalty

China In Its True Form As A Gendered State

Many westerners have considered the introduction of women into the public sphere to represent the dawn of female liberation. The “public” arena has been thought to be where citizens, and more specifically, women, enjoy their individual rights. It has been accepted as the sphere in which women found their freedom—contesting and combating privatization and the … Continue reading China In Its True Form As A Gendered State

India’s Issues on Rape

The brutal gang rape of a woman in India on December 17th sparked outrage in India and across the globe.  Thousands of people took to the street in protest of the prevalence of rape in their country where a rape is reported every 20 minutes on average.[1]   Even more sadly, this graphic highlights how significantly … Continue reading India’s Issues on Rape

The High Rape-Scale in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most conservative countries in the world, especially in regard to the status of women. Saudi Arabia is an extreme Islamic country where its legal code is based on Shari’a Law. They therefore believe that there is no separation between church and state and the state’s laws are heavily … Continue reading The High Rape-Scale in Saudi Arabia

Muslim American Society Finds 8 year-old Rape Victim in Syria

In 2008, a great leap forward took place for gender rights in the passing of U.N. Resolution 1820, which specifically declared an end to the use of “sexual violence” as a tool of war. I need not recite the long history of women and war, but some points must be addressed. Often, among my fellow … Continue reading Muslim American Society Finds 8 year-old Rape Victim in Syria

The Honor of a Man Lies Between the Legs of a Woman

Why do parents in some societies marry off their prepubescent daughters? Why are the practices of Female Genital Mutilation and the wearing of chastity belts common among some cultures? Why are girls of certain peoples punished for being raped? The answers to these questions are summed up in this Ecuadorian saying: “The honor of a … Continue reading The Honor of a Man Lies Between the Legs of a Woman

Women’s Property Law in Gambia

This week I was able to code a document about land ownership and property rights in Gambia and definitely learned a lot. Gambia’s constitution spells out that “women shall have the right to equal treatment with men, including equal opportunities in political, economic and social activities” (Section 28[2]). Although these rights may not seem far … Continue reading Women’s Property Law in Gambia

Education for Migrant Children in China

Since coming to China, my husband and I have become interested in the lives of Chinese migrant laborers. Last semester we taught English at a school for migrant children and this semester my husband has an internship working with an NGO that helps gives legal advice to migrants and helps them adapt to life in … Continue reading Education for Migrant Children in China