Data and Beauty Pageants

The Miss Peru contest begins with contestants giving their name, hometown and their bust, waist and hip measurements. This year, they still gave numbers, but instead of their measurements, all 23 contestants gave statistics about violence towards women in Peru. The rest of the evening, the contestants answered questions about how they would solve violence … Continue reading Data and Beauty Pageants


What We Can All Learn From the #metoo Movement

Me too. When I was in China a few years ago, I stood on a public bus one day with some other girl friends on our way into town. The bus was relatively empty, so there was a lot of space to spread out. One older man ignored that and decided to come stand close … Continue reading What We Can All Learn From the #metoo Movement

Sharing Child Custody with Your Rapist

The National Conference of State Legislatures estimates that there are around 17,000 to 32,000 rape-related pregnancies in the United States every year (LRW-DATA-1)*. About 32 to50 percent of these victims keep their children, which equates to about 5,000 to 16,000 mothers. [1]. The road ahead cannot be easy for women who make this difficult decision … Continue reading Sharing Child Custody with Your Rapist

Female Refugees in Europe

Reaching Europe represents the realization of a seemingly impossible dream for the millions of refugees fleeing conflict throughout the world. This dream can turn out to be less ideal than they may have hoped. Refugee camps throughout Europe are plagued with violence. While this violence affects all refugees living in camps, the primary victims are … Continue reading Female Refugees in Europe

The Abuse in Prostitution

Sometimes referred to as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution has a long history of abusing women. In addition to generally poor working conditions and unfair wage distribution between pimps and prostitutes, sex trafficking and child prostitution further the injustices of prostitution. The increased political focus on human rights point activists and policymakers to prostitution as … Continue reading The Abuse in Prostitution

The Insidious Reality of Rape Culture

I experienced my first conscious encounter with rape culture as an eleven-year-old. I was leaving class one day when I heard one of my classmates say to a couple of her friends, “Mr. Jones* is such a perv! He totally looks down my shirts!” Her friends agreed, and they continued angrily discussing similar studies as … Continue reading The Insidious Reality of Rape Culture

Removing the Veil: The Real Path to Prostitution

“Sexual exploitation is a practice by which person(s) achieve sexual gratification or financial gain or advancement through the abuse of a person’s sexuality by abrogating that person’s human right to dignity, equality, autonomy, and physical and mental well-being… it is the right of every human being to live free of exploitation… sexual power is a … Continue reading Removing the Veil: The Real Path to Prostitution