Half Way Between Criminalization and Legalization: The Nordic Model

Prostitution laws are currently under review in the Dutch parliament after a petition was signed by about 42,000 young people.[1] These activists want to implement the Nordic model in the Netherlands which would criminalize buying sex. Currently, prostitution is legal in the Netherlands as long as it is between consenting adults. This movement, started by … Continue reading Half Way Between Criminalization and Legalization: The Nordic Model


There She Goes…Alone?!

Summer usually finds me somewhere new and exciting, chasing down another top priority item on the ever-evolving list of things I want to do before I get a job, die, or climate change permanently mars the plant. College afforded me plenty of opportunities to start crossing them off. One summer it was the United Kingdom … Continue reading There She Goes…Alone?!

Reporting from a gender perspective

The original post, written in Spanish, can be found here: https://womanstatslatina.wordpress.com/2019/04/16/informando-con-perspectiva-de-genero/ This English translation was graciously provided by the author, JSMV.  Schools of journalism around the globe are full of women, as are the related jobs. Nevertheless, the masculine presence and power prevail in editors’ rooms and executive boards; the same dynamics are also present … Continue reading Reporting from a gender perspective

Women, War & Peace II

If you are unfamiliar with the PBS documentary series Women, War & Peace, we invite you to learn more about this excellent source of insight and information at their website: https://www.pbs.org/wnet/women-war-and-peace/ This series tells the previously untold “stories of women who risked their lives for peace, changing history in the process.” The second part of … Continue reading Women, War & Peace II

Beauty as the Key to Economic Mobility?

We often talk about harmful beauty practices that are used to enhance a woman’s prospects for marriage. For example, women in Ethiopia and Tanzania purposefully scar themselves to make themselves more attractive to their suitors (PHBP-PRACTICE-1).[1],[2] In Mali and Mauritania, women are force-fed, because larger women attract more suitors.[3],[4] Plastic surgery is used from Lebanon … Continue reading Beauty as the Key to Economic Mobility?

Rape Laws: Protection or Impunity?

Globally, there are gaps in the legal system that not only fail to give women the justice they deserve, but also to protect them from violence. Women around the world lack physical security largely due to the impunity enjoyed by those who perpetrate violence against them. According to the WomanStats Project’s 2014 scaling of women’s … Continue reading Rape Laws: Protection or Impunity?

Does Fair Trade Work for Women?

If you walk into any hipster coffee shop today, you are likely to see the shop proudly promoting their coffee as “Fair Trade Certified”. Recently, ethical consumerism in general, and Fair Trade in particular, have become principal causes for many social justice warriors. The idea behind Fair Trade is that buyers in rich nations pay … Continue reading Does Fair Trade Work for Women?