Women, Life, Freedom

Over the last month, the world has watched Iranian women, primarily between 16 and 17-years old, remove their headscarves, put on ponytails, and stand in front of police and military officers belonging to one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes in the world. The killing of a 22-year-old woman who was arrested by the morality police … Continue reading Women, Life, Freedom

Throwback Thursday: 10/06/22

WAIST TRAINERS AND THE CONTROVERSIAL REVIVAL OF THE CORSET Original Post: 01/25/2021 Beauty practices around the world rise and fall as time goes, each one meaning something different for women. The fall of corsets led to girdles, and then to Spanx; now, “waist trainers” are being promoted by popular celebrities across social media, leading to a … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: 10/06/22

The Hidden Impact of Depp v. Heard and overturning Roe v. Wade on Victims of Abuse

At a local nonprofit called Families to Freedom, a domestic violence hotline advocate receives calls from women seeking emergency shelter or long-term safety planning. The advocate talks a victim through an intake process to determine what kind of services are the best fit for each victim by asking questions such as—  “Are you in a … Continue reading The Hidden Impact of Depp v. Heard and overturning Roe v. Wade on Victims of Abuse


Why do women have breasts? Are they used as a means of sexual gratification for male arousal? No, they are not. As mammals, the true purpose of breasts is to feed babies, as breast milk is often an infant’s main source of nutrition. As reported by Renee Kam, “The true biological importance of women’s breasts … Continue reading THE OVERSEXUALIZATION OF BREASTFEEDING


The United Kingdom (UK) is said to be one of the most developed states in the world and is a member of the G-7, the largest economies in the world. With its glorious historical monuments and its respect for the monarchical system, one would think that the concept of ‘respect’ and ‘discipline’ would exist in … Continue reading THE UNITED KINGDOM’S DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PANDEMIC

Greg Abbott’s “Top Priority” Forgotten

As graduation steadily draws nearer, I have reflected on my time in Texas. Not surprisingly, as a student of public policy, this reflection includes the political shenanigans I have been witness to in the last two years. One episode that many seem to have been forgotten is Governor Greg Abbott’s promise to “eliminate rape.”[1] To … Continue reading Greg Abbott’s “Top Priority” Forgotten

The STEM of Stereotypes

Gender stereotypes have often insisted that women don’t belong in STEM fields. Starting in grade school, many girls are told that because of their gender, they lack the natural talent or ability to be successful in such careers. These incorrect assumptions and myriad others undermine the contributions that women have made in the past, and … Continue reading The STEM of Stereotypes