Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Unexpected Places

Women in Saudi Arabia still need permission when traveling abroad or signing contracts [1], yet a Saudi woman’s business was just ranked #24 on a Forbes list of 60 up and coming female-run tech startups.[2] Nouf Alsaleem is just 20 years old, and her homemade food delivery service, Mathaqi, made the list. Alsaleem is one … Continue reading Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Unexpected Places

Accountability for Rape

Several months ago, I was asked to update the WomanStats scale that compares reported rapes in countries across the globe (LRW-SCALE-4). Understanding that rapes are vastly underreported everywhere, I knew to take the numbers with a grain of salt. However, I realized that I had no idea of just how problematic the data on rape … Continue reading Accountability for Rape

Rohingya Women: Victims, Survivors, and Fighters

The Rohingya, an ethnic and religious minority in Burma (also referred to as Myanmar), have become victims of government-sponsored genocide. Starting last August, the decades-long repression turned into what the U.N. has deemed as an ethnic cleansing. Burmese military are entering the Rakhine state, the region occupied by the Rohingya, setting fire to the local … Continue reading Rohingya Women: Victims, Survivors, and Fighters

Dying for Male Approval: Force-Feeding in West Africa

Obesity is a sign of wealth, status, and prosperity in parts of Africa It seems that no matter where in the world you go, men’s preference dictates what a woman should look like, and societal pressure compels women to conform. We’re familiar with a culture of thinness in the West. Here, despite body-positivity campaigns, larger … Continue reading Dying for Male Approval: Force-Feeding in West Africa

The Cultural Conundrum of Sexuality in Thailand

During her time as Thailand’s first female Minister of Tourism and Sports (2014-2017), Ms. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul was extremely vocal about the need to end sex tourism in the country. Her desire was to see “Thailand be about quality tourism” without the seedy draw of the sex-trade [1]. Recently, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has expressed similar … Continue reading The Cultural Conundrum of Sexuality in Thailand

Raising Awareness on Women’s Rights

Life for women worldwide seems to be slowly improving as they struggle to secure their rights. It is vitally important to continue to bring awareness to the global human rights issues some women still face. By shedding light on gender inequality and creating empowerment through knowledge and resources, women’s lives will continue to improve. Recently … Continue reading Raising Awareness on Women’s Rights