Leading to Beijing +20: Child Marriage

Child marriage is the official or unofficial union that involves a child under the age of 18. While child marriage is a reality for both boys and girls, girls are disproportionately affected by the practice. It is estimated that over 700 million women alive today were married as children, and in the developing world, 1 … Continue reading Leading to Beijing +20: Child Marriage

Domestic Workers in the Middle East

In the United Arab Emirates, each household has an average of three domestic workers.[i] Domestic workers make up 25 percent of the Lebanese workforce and often face physical abuse in various forms.[ii] These workers are placed in vulnerable situations throughout the Middle East making it easy for their employers to violate their rights. The system … Continue reading Domestic Workers in the Middle East

Leading to Beijing +20: Rape as a Weapon of War

A WomanStats coder will read any number of appalling human rights violations in a day’s work. In the past, I have researched and written a lot about domestic violence, human trafficking, and the physical safety of women in refugee camps. However, as the world turns its attention more and more towards Syria and Iraq, the … Continue reading Leading to Beijing +20: Rape as a Weapon of War

Blame, Women’s Bodies, and Rape

Between news articles, twitter feeds, and a couple conversations in the last couple weeks, I’ve realized, more than ever, that we, as a society, are utterly confused about blame, women’s bodies, and rape. Let me begin with a story: I was talking with a friend of mine (a 20-something male, college educated, very kind boy). … Continue reading Blame, Women’s Bodies, and Rape