Syrian Refugees — by VLF

With the world’s attention focused on the Islamic State and the growing numbers of refugees fleeing Syria, it is easy to think of these people and of their plight in stale numerical terms. But as the United States considers whether or not to take in these refugees, it is important to understand what life actually … Continue reading Syrian Refugees — by VLF

Reflections on CSW59/Beijing +20: Naomi

Going to the United Nations has always been a dream of mine. I am passionate about raising awareness regarding the status of women around the world, so attending the Commission on the Status of Women, also known as Beijing+20, was the opportunity of a lifetime. My first day at the conference, I was blown away … Continue reading Reflections on CSW59/Beijing +20: Naomi

Reflections on CSW59/Beijing +20: Nathalia

I had the opportunity of attending the first week of the CSW59 conference and had a wonderful experience. I loved watching the dynamics of the United Nations and the role that each representative played in the discussions. I was amazed at the complexity of diplomacy and how frustrating it can be at times. I met … Continue reading Reflections on CSW59/Beijing +20: Nathalia

Reflections on CSW59/Beijing +20: Willy

Attending the CSW59 conference was an enriching experience that has changed my life. Some of the events that I attended were: A New Framework for Gender Equality in Afghanistan. Afghan ministers and members of parliament (all females) gave a panel discussion on the current situation of their nation. Gender Equality in Education: A Much Needed … Continue reading Reflections on CSW59/Beijing +20: Willy

Now You Know, Too

When coding different documents for WomanStats, you often come across surprising (and unfortunately many times horrifying) information about women in different parts of the world. There are a lot of things I didn’t know before joining the project. For instance, I didn’t know that “Women hold an unprecedented 64 percent of seats in Rwanda’s parliament, … Continue reading Now You Know, Too