The High Rape-Scale in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most conservative countries in the world, especially in regard to the status of women. Saudi Arabia is an extreme Islamic country where its legal code is based on Shari’a Law. They therefore believe that there is no separation between church and state and the state’s laws are heavily based on Islamic teachings. Because of this strict Islamic culture, women in Saudi Arabia are treated and acknowledged very differently than the women who live in the west. For example, in Saudi Arabia, there are laws that require women to wear a hijab, a head scarf, as well as dress in loose, long garments that do not show the shape of the woman’s body. To do so would be shameful and secular. There are other laws such as this one that are meant to protect the virtue of women in Saudi Arabia.

1st mapKnowing this about Saudi Arabia, I had assumed that women there would be relatively safe since there are such strict laws regarding the protection of a woman’s virtue. I assumed incorrectly when I was studying a WomanStats map that displayed the rape scale of each country in the world. On a scale from one to five, Saudi Arabia had a ranking of a four. I was confused by this since, as briefly described above, Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most conservative countries in the world where women are highly secluded. I would have thought these practices and laws would have decreased the rape rate substantially.

The question I pose then is this, why does Saudi Arabia, one of the most conservative countries in the world have one of the highest rape scales in the world?

While there are many interconnecting reasons why rape occurs so often in Saudi Arabia, I have chosen four possible causes to narrow down the research for this project. The four causes I have chosen are one, a secular society, two, insufficient laws, three, taboos against reporting rape and four, an ineffective judicial system.

Secular Society

The first cause, a secular society, was quickly dismissed because as was mentioned in the introduction, Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most conservative countries in the world. The society of Saudi Arabia is especially conservative when it comes to women. For example, it is illegal for women to drive or intermingle in public with males that are not related to them. It is also illegal for a woman to go out in public without a male-escort who is related to her as well as go out in public without wearing her hijab (WomanStats). Violence or legal prosecution usually ensues if any of these are broken. To further illustrate this point, the following maps show how strict Saudi Arabia is in regard to dress code and intermingling in public laws compared to the rest of the Middle East, a very conservative region itself.


It is clear from these maps that Saudi Arabia has one of the strictest dress codes and intermingling laws in the Middle East which is the most conservative region in the world. Based on these findings, one would sense that these women are highly secluded from society and thereby would be more protected from instances of rape and other forms of violence. On the other hand, one may argue that because women are treated so differently, they could be seen as inferior and thus suffer more abuse because of the lack of secularism.

Insufficient Laws Against Rape

The next probable cause studied was the possibility of insufficient laws against rape in Saudi Arabia. Since there were reported convictions of rapists, it can be assumed that there are laws against rape. Also, Saudi Arabia’s legal code is based on the Shari’a law, which criminalizes rape as punishable by death. However, spousal rape is not included in this criminalization according to Shari’a law. Although these laws exist against rapists, the actual conviction process is complicated and nearly impossible. In order for a perpetrator to be convicted he or she must confess or there must be four witnesses of the act (FreedomHouse). Usually in these certain circumstances, there are only two witnesses present, the perpetrator and the victim. Since it would be hard for a victim to find four witnesses, it is very unlikely that a perpetrator would admit to such a heinous act that he or she could very well get away with. Another example of the insufficient laws against rape is that foreign female domestic workers, which consists of 1.5 million of foreign nationals, receive no protection from the labor laws and are more prone to be victims of abuse. Based on this research, it can be concluded that while there are laws against rape, the actual conviction of rapists is very rare. This could be a plausible cause of the high rape scale since the punishment of such an act hardly occurs.

Taboos Against Reporting Rape

The third possible cause of a high rape scale in Saudi Arabia is the taboos against reporting rape. There are many social stigmas that scare women away from reporting a rape to the police. One social stigma is that in many instances, the law enforcer will accuse the woman of having illicit sex instead of accusing the man of the crime (FreedomHouse). As a consequence of this accusation, societal reprisals take place such as a woman being seen as unfit for marriage or even violently punished for bringing shame to the family. In some extreme cases, honor killings have been committed against women who have been raped (Zoepf). One may wonder why these crimes take place if the laws in Saudi Arabia are supposedly meant to protect women. There is another cultural stigma that plays a role here. In Islamic society, a family’s honor, particularly the male family member’s honor is based on the purity and virtue of the women in their family. If a woman in the family becomes “violated” either by choice or by force, the family’s honor is seemingly stripped from them. It is not so much about the concern over the woman but over the honor of the men. Because of this engrained belief, already victimized women are sometimes further victimized by their own family members. This causes great fear among the women in these types of societies and if one is raped, it is very unlikely that she will report it based on the potential ensuing consequences.

Ineffective Judicial System

The last possible cause studied was an ineffective judicial system. As was mentioned before, Saudi Arabia’s legal code is based on the Shari’s law, an extreme version of the Islamic code. Because of this, women are not given the same rights as men, especially when it comes to the courts. For example, in most cases, women are unable to speak for themselves in court. They must be represented by a male-relative or lawyer. It is considered shameful for a woman to speak to the sheik or judge and is only sometime allowed to do so if her face is covered (WomanStats). Because of this, if a woman is raped, and a man’s honor is based on her virtue, what male relative would want to shed further light on the subject by representing her? Also a man’s testimony is worth two women’s testimonies. So if a woman had four witnesses to testify against the perpetrator, if some of them were women, the number of females would have to be doubled for the accusation to be considered.

Another clause of the judicial system is that most clerics were taught in Wahhabi schools where extreme Islam is taught extensively. Because of this, most clerics demand the seclusion of women and often hold an unforgiving attitude toward accusations of violence against men (WomanStats). A Saudi Arabian attorney even said, “Unfortunately, judges consider women to be lacking in reason and faith, so generally do not agree with her arguments” (HumanRights).

The following stories illustrate the point explained above. The first is about a young girl who was being molested by her father. She went to the courts to file a complaint. The law enforcers did not believe her and told her, her father needed to come in to file the complaint (Economist). The obvious ignorance need not be explained in this situation. The next story tells of a nineteen year-old woman who met a man not related to her in a car. They were both kidnapped by a gang and she was then gang-raped fourteen times. Seven men of the gang were convicted and were sentenced to prison ranging from one to five years. This was a light conviction given they could have received the death penalty according to the law. The woman was also convicted to six months of prison as well as ninety lashes for being associating with a male who was not related to her in public (Harrison). The woman was later pardoned by the King of Saudi Arabia, not because he disagreed with the punishment but because he was being merciful and thought it was best for the whole of the country, not to mention international relations with countries that were in an absolute uproar over the ordeal (Zoepf).

Based on my research I propose that the main perpetrator of the high rape-scale in Saudi Arabia is the lack of conviction of rapists due to the taboos against reporting rape and the ineffective judicial system. If perpetrators are not being punished then there is little incentive to not rape woman if that is the desire. To illustrate how low the conviction rate actually is, in 2002, there were 59 reported rapes out of a population of 26,534,504 (WomanStats) The perpetrators are getting away with a heinous crime and the Saudi Arabian government must pass more effective legislation that enables law enforcers to convict those criminals. The social stigmas will be very difficult to overcome regarding seeing a woman unfit for marriage or taking away the family’s honor because of being raped. However, if women continue to speak up about the issues they face, solutions will come, just as they have in other parts of the world. Also international pressure must always be present to give those women courage to stand up.

—By TS


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113 thoughts on “The High Rape-Scale in Saudi Arabia

  1. CPC says:

    This is a well-researched post! I’ve been taking a class on Muslim Feminisms and we have read some case studies of women’s activism in ultra-conservative societies like Saudi Arabia. These women have so much written into the laws and institutions working against them! It’s the only nation that gets an absolute zero on the FreedomHouse (I think) scale of women’s political participation.

    And we wonder why the laws are so ridiculous!

  2. Saudi women says:

    Thank you for the informative post! 
    As a Saudi women, this high rate is shocking & un-shocking in the same time. I expect something like this considering the media lies and covering-up of things like that. Plus, the awful situation of women here in Saudi Arabia for the reasons you mentioned above and other reasons like from the bingeing, any rape saudi women won’t go to report it because they will accuse her that she Seducing the perpetrator! I am serious, in case of rape, sexual harassment, abduction, torture and many other unbelievable psycho things like:
     if he is married and raped another stranger women, people will accuse the victim of course and his wife that she is the reason of him being raper and criminal because he won’t go this way if she Gratified his sexual need!

    Even if she reported it went through all of this, plus she can’t do anything without a male with her, she definitely will need “Wasta, which is using someone’s connections and/or influence to get things done” in every single  step.
    The judicial system is horribly broken in general. 
    The social stigmas are not just about seeing the woman unfit for marriage or taking away the family’s honor. Her sisters and maybe even cousins will be seeing unfit to marriage. Also, sometime, her sister may get divorce!
    People may know her and what happened but the perpetrator will be unknown and media never slander his name. of course, unless she has Wasta!

    Writing about a subject like this bring lots and lots of idea which does not fit in this comment which I tried to make it short as possible 😀

    Any way, What I really want to emphasize here is please understand: Saudi Arabia does not present Islam and Share’a at ALL. Women do have rights in Islam and Saudi Arabia does not give it to them.

    Thank you 🙂

  3. ali says:

    Congratulation if you are successful in making statics for unreported rape which could not even be made by any of the World organizations. However “Wikipedia” the most visited site have listed a very few numbers of reported rape victims in Muslim Countries, which may be hundreds of time lesser than rest of the World.

  4. Caroline says:

    What is the point of posting images that are too small to read? Please post larger, legible images. Thanks!

  5. rwan says:

    i must be living under a rock. i have never met any raped women in my whole 20 years on this country, i’m a saudi women. i honestly don`t know personally any women that has been raped. i don’t say there isn’t any, but saying one of the highest!!!!!! that is quiet unbelievable. also considering the fact that you said they usually don’t report the case, i wonder how they got such statistics!!
    “If a woman in the family becomes “violated” either by choice or by force, the family’s honor is seemingly stripped from them. It is not so much about the concern over the woman but over the honor of the men. ”
    first off, this is NOT an Islamic culture it’s the Arabian culture either Muslims or not. second off, do you actually mean that if i got raped my family would not care about me they will only care about my father/brothers’ honor?!!!!! really??? we are not aliens or some kind of other creatures. please no. this is so frustrating, stop those lies.

    • zahid says:

      yes u are 100 percent right. These western bastereds are just trying to show that islamic laws are against women, and we beleav dat mother the most respectful personality, daughter for father is more than his life. Similarly sister n wife.

    • Ana says:

      You I have been reading so much about your culture and you laws, I think you are not really inform. Do you the media in your country is totally control? if you compared any report from any other part of the world with the one in UAE, the one your country never shows the truth! if a women was raped it will say ” a woman was charge with having sex outside the marriage… blablabla. and the men is never mention. would you like me to send some links for you to see the truth? i have thousands of them, with government from other nations getting involved, human rights groups and more…

    • Joseph Andrews says:

      When you say rape is not Islamamic by Arab culture, how does this reconcile with Mohammad taking slaves, selling slaves and having sex with slaves? He also allowed sex slaves for his worriers during the Islamic conquests. How does yor comment reconcile with history?

      • javeria says:

        it was a culture in Arab to have slaves. when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) came, He gradually stopped Muslim doing wrong things including beer, slavery,and obligation of fasting. people would not have accepted new ideas and things, if they were compelled to act upon. so having slaves was initially allowed and later prohibited.

      • Rebecca Olesen says:

        @Javeria – ‘later prohibited’ you mean MUCH later, like Egypt didn’t make slavery illegal until the 1960’s, mauritania like 20 years ago – and that’s just on the books. Slavery is still practiced, in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Mauritania, Egypt – I am sick of reading all these lies about how great islam is for women on here.

        Aside from the fact that a raped woman is considered completely worthless, risks being honor killed, will absolutely be unmarriageable and if married will be discarded….In Saudi Arabia women can receive the same punishment as their attackers!! Lashes & prison sentence, because it’s THEIR fault, they broke the law by being in the presence or vicinity of unrelated men! LOOK IT UP, rape victim sentenced to 2 years in prison & 100 lashes, saudi arabia. Rapists got the same punishment.

    • Amita says:

      Yes mam. You are under rock. You are just 20 years old..simply means you are inside an egg shell. Not grown as an infant even. You remain under hijab, burqa and male dominancy. You are even not allowed to go outside without any male escort. Raped woman because of social isolation does not complain about crime to herself…how she gonna tell this in public when she knows ar the end she is going to be accused of being seductive (I don’t know how Saudi girls managed to be seductive under burqa). I think aliens should come to your country to have research on “how you people managed to be so backward since the evolution from being monkey to well civilized homo sapiens?”

    • Anna says:

      Yes mam. You are under rock. You are just 20 years old..simply means you are inside an egg shell. Not grown as an infant even. You remain under hijab, burqa and male dominancy. You are even not allowed to go outside without any male escort. Raped woman because of social isolation does not complain about crime to herself…how she gonna tell this in public when she knows ar the end she is going to be accused of being seductive (I don’t know how Saudi girls managed to be seductive under burqa). I think aliens should come to your country to have research on “how you people managed to be so backward since the evolution from being monkey to well civilized homo sapiens?”

  6. nice try says:

    I’m a muslim woman from Saudia Arabia and all this research is bunch of lies , I don’t know how I got into this stupid liar website that run by Islamophobe who want to brain wash the westerns , if your research is true , then why you don’t find Saudi women Immigrants running from our country if we are being treated as bad as you said , stop the lies , stop this propaganda.

  7. Bob Smith says:

    How do you describe the largest problem the world (and that includes women) faces – with one word – Islam.

    The intellectual chains that bind Muslims to Islam are so entrenched that the “Saudi woman” can’t even complain about Islam itself. She blames the problem on Saudi Arabia.

    Islam is the scourge of humanity. It either enslaves a population with Sharia law or prepares for war against non-Muslims. Women are just part of the road kill of Islam.

    Women in the non-Muslim world need to help their sisters held hostage by the scourge of Islam.

    Here are a few links documenting the reality of women within Islam.

    Canadian Women leaves college because of art she created

    Afghan women in Kabul prison over moral crimes

    Exclusive: How my brother tried to kill me in ‘honor attack’

    Saudi religious police lift ban on women on bikes

    Saudi Arabia Introduces SMS Tracking to Keep Women in State of Slavery

    Maldives girl to get 100 lashes for pre marital sex

    Only 14, Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death

    Nearly half Saudi women are beaten at home

    Marriage or rape 90 year old Saudi weds 15 year old girl

    Read .

    • Saudi women says:

      I am not saying these things do not happen in Muslim world. I am saying do not blame Islam becouse sharea does not support these actions at ALL and you need to read in Islam references itself. What is happening need a REAL study to determinate the causes. However, correlation does not imply causation.
      Regarding the killing in Islam, please watch this:

      • Mahil says:

        I don’t know why you people don’t understand – this is not about a map of a rape statistic, rather all data, factors, perceptions and taboos about rape. The largest problem in this world is Bible – Deuteronmy 22:22-30.

  8. Bruce Alexander says:

    It is not clear how the high rape-scale in Saudi Arabia is known if victims are typically afraid to lay complaints. Where do these statistics come from?

  9. Moderator says:

    Is it possible to allow the images to open into larger sizes if you click on them (meaning the original file size is maintained even if the image is reduced in the article). I can’t see or read clearly what the images actually states.

  10. D.Bose says:

    However, the British press is blaming only India. According to them Saudi Arabia is a safe country for women, because I suppose British politicians just like the son of Margaret Thatcher receive a lot of bribes from the Saudis.

  11. sohan says:

    If Saudi women don’t report being raped, how was the data compiled? Indian women are raped too, and they don’t report, either. They would become impure and not worthy of marriage. Family honor, also, is a factor for their not reporting. Silence is golden to them, too.

    • Admin says:

      Statistics are collected through non-profit organizations who take surveys. Very important work when a country’s government is deeply corrupted and doesn’t care about the people.

      • Mahil says:

        The data is not actually about rape statistics. Never was. It was about the date and taboo scores. Perhaps you didn’t read the fine print:

      • Mahil says:

        The data is not actually simply about rape statistics. Never was. It was about the combined data and legal and taboo scores. Perhaps you didn’t read the fine print:

    • Deedee says:

      What goes on in the head of a rapist? Nothing. They think with their dick. Poor things are suffering from testosterone poisoning.

  12. hanafi says:

    Women in the Muslim World required to wear hijab is not to only avoid rape or criminal effect. it is required by Allah. Rape is an criminal action done by human who internally driven by shatanic sex abuse. To understand this 2 phenomena and facts you must learn more depth of Islam.

    • Gerry says:

      There is no provision in the Quran that requires the Muslim women to wear headscarf when they are outside of their homes. It is a concept, which the European Muslim women had borrowed from the Christian Nuns. It is not Islamic and it, therefore, has no Islamic value or importance.

    • Deedee says:

      Women required to wear hijab is another instance of men trying to control women. I don’t know why any woman with any sense of self-respect would submit to this.

  13. Andrew says:

    I don’t understand. You are using a map showing “combined weighted scores” that the Womanstat website says is “Combined weighted data, legal and taboo scores”.
    So basically you are using the legal and societal scores to explain a combined weighted score that already takes into account the legal and societal scores? But what does that have to do with the actual prevalence of rape in Saudi Arabia? According to Womanstat, rape in Saudi Arabia is actually is in the lowest category: .

  14. Mery DT says:

    Great article! Since I studied about sexual orientation several years ago, am not surprise at all with this stat. I had written 2 articles in my blog about why homosexual behavior in Saudi Arabia hit the highest percentage in the world. Too bad, I wrote it in Indonesia language.

    I found out, there is not only women being raped, boys too. Gender segregation scoring rape of boys is very high, and this behavior will be repeated to younger boy. According to source I read, man with double life (with woman and man) is normal in Saudi Arabia. Sorry to spin this issue to sexual behavior.

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Malaysian says:

    And of the massacre of thousands of Muslims in Myanmar, I wouldn’t blame it on Buddhism but Buddhists themselves.

    • Admin says:

      Myanmar is inflicted with huge volume of illegals forcing their way in from Bangladesh, trained by militias. In addition, Qatar sends militias into Myanmar from Tunisia and other locations to infiltrate terrorize the country. The Buddhist don’t fight back because Buddha instructed them to kill any non-Buddist people, like Muslims invade and commit jihad from instructions and duties laid out in the Koran. Therefore, how can you even imply to compare the two?

      • Siddharth Sharma says:

        You misunderstand the situation. Some scriptures of Buddhism do allow self defence. Please do not justify hatred and massacres with excuses.

  16. Steve Ogilvie says:

    Women can’t leave Saudi Arabia because they must be accompanied by their husband/father/brother etc… Do any Saudi women have their passports on them? Or is it being held by a male relative?
    Even in the west I am sure a minority/majority of rapes are not presented to the police…
    Rape is not even defined in the Quran (it is okay for a male to have sex with his captive woman, i.e. slave, but isn’t that by definition a rape victim, a captive person?

    • Saudi woman says:

      Actually, women are not allowed to leave Saudi Arabia without permission from their male guardian who must give consent by signing what is known as the “yellow sheet” at the airport or border.
      Combination is not a must by law but in Saudi Arabia community, it’s mostly. And yes mostly the passport is being hold by the women’s male guardian.
      In fact, Saudi women’s male guardians receive text messages on their phones informing them when women under their custody leave the country, even if they are travelling together.

      Regarding the definition of rape in Quran, no that is not the meaning of it. Allah clearly commands the Muslim men to not force their slave women into sex:
      Translation: “Let those who cannot afford to marry keep themselves chaste until Allah enriches them out of His Bounty. And write out a deed of manumission for such of your slaves that desire their freedom in lieu of payment – if you see any good in them – and give them out of the wealth that Allah has given you. And do not compel your slave-girls to prostitution for the sake of the benefits of worldly life the while they desire to remain chaste. And if anyone compels them to prostitution, Allah will be Most Pardoning, Much Merciful (to them) after their subjection to such compulsion  (The Noble Quran, 24:33)”

      • April Lamda says:

        Slave girls (as there are slave boys, and Mohammed married a slave given to him) are not sex-captive or sex-slaves. Look for “right-hand posseses” in the quran, these are sex captives from war that Muslim men (not women) can have sex with or marry ample amounts.

      • Vikram says:

        And do not compel your slave-girls to prostitution for the sake of the benefits of worldly life the while they desire to remain chaste…….It means you can use slaves for prostitution if slave woman is ready. Islam also allows free sex with slave women. Slave women are also not required to wear burqa. Recently I read about a news on emirates247 website about a Saudi teacher who raped 19 girl students. This man was able to rape 19 girls because 18 of the girls did not complain to any one. Saudi teacher is married to 4 women and has few kids.

      • viccram99 says:

        So according to Quran 24:33, Muslims can use slave women for prostitution if they agree to do it. Incest is very common in Muslim countries, especially father/daughter. Yesterday I read in emirates247 website that in incest cases police warns the father or other relative to stop incest. If Incest continues then some police action is taken.

      • matthayichen says:

        Perhaps for you all sex is prostitution? Sure, forcing a slave into prostitution (ie, sex for money) is not okay. But no punishment is prescribed.

        Leaving aside prostitution, it is the right of the owner to have sex with his slave, with or without her consent. All classical Islamic jurisprudence is united on this point and it has the backing of the Quran and Hadiths. Even married women are fair game once enslaved, as the Quran makes special mention.

  17. Barakath says:

    These statistics are ABSOLUTELY FALSE. See the below link:
    Its not a muslim website, its just wikipedia. it shows that europeans and americans have over 30 times of rate rate than middle east, thats by percentage and not by population. thats in average. somecountries have over 100 times. just see the statistics, and understand for yourself

  18. Olum moruk says:

    Stopped reading after seeing the worldmap-graphic. Would the person who made this pleeeaase take a basic statistics course….

  19. Maryam Naseer says:

    Women inter mingling in public with males has been shown 100% incorrect in case of Pakistan. I am a Pakistani girl and lived both in urban and rural set up. Unlike the media reports, we are free here to move any where we want with out escorting any male member. So can not believe any more on the report. How can some one be 100% sure while living out side and making judgements about other countries which are far from reality.

  20. Mahboob Khan says:

    Plain lies. I had worked in Saudi Arabia. There is a strict Code for the rapists. Let’s not forget that large number of foreign workers work in Saudi Arabia and they live in separate housing systems; for example, Aramco is the largest oil company in Saudi Arabia and their employees live in their own housing and these housing are not actively supervised by the Saudi Police. The foreign workers make in their own wines in their private houses and they consume it within the confines of their homes, and sexual activity does take place in these Housing Schemes as they are not supervised by the Saudi Police, but they do everything such as drinking, fucking, inside their own houses. Obviously, the Saudi Police does not go inside their rooms to see what happens there.

    Looks like this is an anti-Islam site.

    • Deedee says:

      Islam taints itself. Are you saying women need to cover themselves? No. Men need to learn how to control themselves.

  21. muslim says:

    your research is just an allegiation coz every body who loves his life will never attempt to rape. if such laws are implied in america ,pherphs there a sister could have a sigh of realif
    ..STATICS TOLD US THERE IN AMERCA, 2 RAPES TOOK PLACE PER MINUT…. mening the time u have taken to read this commet, a rape is already going on….

    • Deedee says:

      So you are saying men dont rape because they love their lives too much? How about not raping because they respect women? But no, that’s too radical a concept.

  22. KF says:

    There is a difference between adultery and rape. The rule of four eye witness only applies to adultery not rape. There are various rulings even in the time of the Prophet that makes a distinction between rape and adultery as well as the their difference in standards of evidence.

    The Prophet had killed rapist in his time by stoning them to death. There were no male witness, NO MALE WITNESS.

  23. Enayet Karim says:

    Very Shocking!!!!!

    Take a look at the rape rate in USA… Very very low…. only 1 in 5 women raped in US!!!! Which totals a number of 200,00,000 only of the total female population!!! This low rate is because of giving women their rights properly…

    Not even comparable to the very high rape scale in Saudi Arabia!!!…

    What a Shame…

      • Mahil says:

        The rape scale is not about rate. Even WomanStats says US has a higher rape rate. Please stop using the “Admin” name as you are not an adminstrator of the site:

  24. ralon says:

    all the reseach but i dont see real prove that saudia has or have a high scale of rape show me where did actually see a written prove

  25. NamitaB says:

    I’m interested in knowing how you arrived at your combined weightage score. Given the system that is clearly stacked against women, the rape rate in Saudi Arabia should actually be very low since very few women would actually come forward to report rape cases. A higher rape rate is often indicative of greater confidence by reporters to secure convictions, which would explain why a country like Sweden has a relatively higher rape rate than, say, India. Or isn’t it?

  26. katonema says:

    Why do woman still lives in these self-righteous countries?
    Being muslim woman means u have to be abused and live ur live ONLY TO BREED !

  27. katonema says:

    Why do woman still lives in these self-righteous countries?
    Being muslim woman doesn’t mean u have to be abused and live ur live ONLY TO BREED !
    Does ur Great Allah purposely make these laws so that half of his worshippers are abused ?
    No!! These laws are made by group of perverted man and still enforced by perverted man… that they can treat woman like walking vaginas or cows

  28. Nada says:

    I would just like to say that a lot of blogs repeat the ” women can’t leave the house without a male gaurdian” and “they’re not allowed without a head scarf” but it’s actually not realistic at all alot of non Muslim and Muslim women don’t have a head scarf and it isn’t against the law so they can’t get arrested or anything. It’s even a norm now, because it’s their decision and for non Muslims you can’t tell them to wear it when they don’t even follow the religion. As for the male gaurdian when leaving the house, again no law against it, the religious police can’t arrest anyone, no one would even know if you left the house without a guardian like how would they even check, there are thousands of women leaving their houses everyday by themselves and it’s not only a norm, nothing in the religion perhibits it at all. These are just some myths bloggers that don’t do their research properly pass on. I mean there are a lot of wrong things I’m saudi Arabia but for most it’s a safe haven like for people coming from Pakistan or India there lives here are better, their words. Of course there can be improvements and the country is trying so hard and the improvements can be seen in Saudi if you actually live ur life here. So please stop spreading inaccurate information ، much love

  29. Kahtany says:

    This is a misleading report based on unsubstantiated evidence. Women are highly protected by their families and the society. The sharia law doesn’t tolerate any mistreatment of women. Look at the rates of rape, sexual harassment, abandonment, etc in all these countries that claim that they observe human rights and you will be greatly stunned. Reporting misleading information is a degrading practice. You have the right to disagree with others but not to mingle with facts. Regards

    • Deedee says:

      Why do women have to be “highly protected by their families”? They should be taught how to protect themselves. Women need to be empowered which non-Muslim countries are trying to do. Not enslaved and hidden away as they are in Muslim countries.

  30. Rico says:

    Be careful in Dubai or another Arab country, there’s a law if you wears sexy outfit like sexy tanktop, hot pants, etc, this is like daring/ inviting “You can rape me”.

    Not joking, I was honeymoon in Dubai, some of my friends are Arabic, and a lot of them told me, if a woman wears sexy outfit and raped, the one who will put in jail is the woman not the rapist, sounds crazy right, but it’s truth, because I’m doing a research and found some of real case like that.

    If you wears close outfit and hijab, you can report sexual harassment to the police, if you wears tanktop and hotpants, don’t report to the police, because you’ll spend tons of money in the court and maybe end up in jail.

    But not only in Arabic country, in some of country in Asia that the majority is muslim, you can’t wears sexy outfit too. If you wears normal outfit (Jeans, T-shirts), when someone doing sexual harassment, people will help you and beat the guy, but if you wears tanktop showing off half of your boobs, when some one grope you in public transport, nobody will help you.

    I’m Christian, but because the cultural think in my country, I didn’t like it too when my wife wears something sexy.

  31. Diana says:

    One of your criteria is that rape is not reported by Saudi women. If this were the case wouldn’t the score on the rape scale be lower not higher?

  32. Somber Escapist says:

    “The question I pose then is this, why does Saudi Arabia, one of the most conservative countries in the world have one of the highest rape scales in the world?”
    Can you list all the references you have that made you come to this conclusion.
    Secondly, there’s no such thing as needing 4 witnesses to prove rape.
    Thirldy, Saudi Arabia is known to be a country with low crime rates and that is arguably due to their strict laws. If you have reliable research refuting this, then do post it.

  33. Rizvi says:

    Where did you get this statistic from? I’m surprised how people bravo you for a research that has no evidence but your own logic to prove your own statistic. I give you a bravo on that!

  34. Mary C. says:

    “For example, in Saudi Arabia, there are laws that require women to wear a hijab, a head scarf, as well as dress in loose, long garments that do not show the shape of the woman’s body. To do so would be shameful and secular. There are other laws such as this one that are meant to protect the virtue of women in Saudi Arabia.
    Knowing this about Saudi Arabia, I had assumed that women there would be relatively safe since there are such strict laws regarding the protection of a woman’s virtue.”

    Not just in Saudi Arabia and Islam, but many rules, customs, etc., which are supposedly meant to protect and take care of women, end up turning into oppression, discrimination, and control. Think about it.

    • Mahil says:

      The above map is not about rape rate in Saudi Arabia. It is about the combined data, legal and taboo scores. Not about amount of rape. The actual rape rate by Womenstats is here, where Saudi Arabia has a quite low rape prevalence:

  35. Abdullah Sh says:

    This the most silly article I ever read, Can I you give me any references to any statistics you mention here. The Saudi arabia have the lowest rate of crimes not only in middle east, but also in entire world. I’m Saudi in 40′ and I never heared here any rape case happend in my entire life. we’re not iran were the women treating there as slaves. try to make any chatting with any saudi women living there as students, and ask them to choosing between stay in USA or UK and return to Saudi arabia. definly They will choosing to returen to The saudi arabia with big smile.

  36. Mahil says:

    This is a faulty scale with no method for rape scale made clear. What is this rape scale? Data of rape stats? Does it include all non-reported rapes? That will be impossible and even if one is to estimate they would never be accurate.

    • mahilmahi123 says:

      Sorry, didn’t realize earlier this is not a map for rape stats but about difficulty in reporting rape.

  37. Wallat Kim says:

    I see a lot of people are assuming it is about the numbers of rape, it is not. The score or scale was actually about both the numbers and the stigma attached to rape along with legal hurdles.

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