How Gender Norms Affect Women Running for Office

We live in an era where more women are entering the workforce, yet there are still inequitable ratios of women to men in some arenas. The United States government, for example, has been male dominated since its establishment over 230 years ago. Of course, women have always participated in government and politics, but not at … Continue reading How Gender Norms Affect Women Running for Office

Reporting from a gender perspective

The original post, written in Spanish, can be found here: This English translation was graciously provided by the author, JSMV.  Schools of journalism around the globe are full of women, as are the related jobs. Nevertheless, the masculine presence and power prevail in editors’ rooms and executive boards; the same dynamics are also present … Continue reading Reporting from a gender perspective

Women, War & Peace II

If you are unfamiliar with the PBS documentary series Women, War & Peace, we invite you to learn more about this excellent source of insight and information at their website: This series tells the previously untold “stories of women who risked their lives for peace, changing history in the process.” The second part of … Continue reading Women, War & Peace II

Beauty as the Key to Economic Mobility?

We often talk about harmful beauty practices that are used to enhance a woman’s prospects for marriage. For example, women in Ethiopia and Tanzania purposefully scar themselves to make themselves more attractive to their suitors (PHBP-PRACTICE-1).[1],[2] In Mali and Mauritania, women are force-fed, because larger women attract more suitors.[3],[4] Plastic surgery is used from Lebanon … Continue reading Beauty as the Key to Economic Mobility?

Doctor’s Who Don’t Listen: The Gaslighting Epidemic of Women

Gaslighting (verb): a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.[1] In the medical community, a medical authority sows doubt into a patient’s mind about her perceived pain that makes her second … Continue reading Doctor’s Who Don’t Listen: The Gaslighting Epidemic of Women

The Internet: Creating a Safe Space

Access to the internet is a basic right that allows women to learn, promote themselves professionally, band together, and obtain help. One law student in Pakistan used the internet to publicize her stab wounds, helping her to win a legal case against her assaulter.[1] However, the internet can also provide an additional space for women … Continue reading The Internet: Creating a Safe Space