Sexual Harassment in France

I recently returned from a 2-month stay in Toulouse, France in a last-ditch effort to improve my lackluster ability to speak French. I passed two men as I walked home one evening in July. I could see from the corner of my eye that they quickly checked me out and deemed me worthy of a … Continue reading Sexual Harassment in France


The Insidious Reality of Rape Culture

I experienced my first conscious encounter with rape culture as an eleven-year-old. I was leaving class one day when I heard one of my classmates say to a couple of her friends, “Mr. Jones* is such a perv! He totally looks down my shirts!” Her friends agreed, and they continued angrily discussing similar studies as … Continue reading The Insidious Reality of Rape Culture

Remembering Where We Came from and Looking Ahead to Where We Want to Be

I remember as a child thinking my grandma, or Meme we called her, was invincible. I would watch in awe as she seemed to seamlessly switch into different roles at the snap of a finger, morphing from grandma into businesswoman, into head of the household, or into a Sunday School teacher. The woman wore a … Continue reading Remembering Where We Came from and Looking Ahead to Where We Want to Be

Imprisoned by Fear: Street Harassment

Last year I studied abroad in Jerusalem, where street harassment and cat calls were  as much a part of the city life as delicious falafel or one-thousand-year-old churches. The catcalls mainly consisted of harmless proclamations of love or joking marriage proposals. But my female classmates and I never knew when one of those instances would … Continue reading Imprisoned by Fear: Street Harassment

A Series of Unfortunate Marriage Practices

In January, Netflix released its televised adaption of the hit children’s books A Series of Unfortunate Events. As an avid fan of the books, I eagerly watched the entire show in just a couple of days. The story begins with orphans Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire going to live with their evil guardian Count Olaf … Continue reading A Series of Unfortunate Marriage Practices

On Women and the Academy Awards Infographic

The last time a film won Best Picture with an actress nominated for Best Actress (not Best Supporting Actress) was 2005 with Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby. The majority of films nominated for Best Picture mostly tell stories about men and for men. This disproportionate representation is not new to anyone interested in feminism … Continue reading On Women and the Academy Awards Infographic

The Oscars

Lack of representation of middle aged women in movies is a commonly noted concern regarding women in the media. A 2014 study showed that actresses hit their peak salary at age 34, while actors hit their peak at age 51. While men’s salary remains stable after this peak, there is a drastic reduction in salary … Continue reading The Oscars