Female Refugees in Europe

Reaching Europe represents the realization of a seemingly impossible dream for the millions of refugees fleeing conflict throughout the world. This dream can turn out to be less ideal than they may have hoped. Refugee camps throughout Europe are plagued with violence. While this violence affects all refugees living in camps, the primary victims are … Continue reading Female Refugees in Europe


The Abuse in Prostitution

Sometimes referred to as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution has a long history of abusing women. In addition to generally poor working conditions and unfair wage distribution between pimps and prostitutes, sex trafficking and child prostitution further the injustices of prostitution. The increased political focus on human rights point activists and policymakers to prostitution as … Continue reading The Abuse in Prostitution

The Insidious Reality of Rape Culture

I experienced my first conscious encounter with rape culture as an eleven-year-old. I was leaving class one day when I heard one of my classmates say to a couple of her friends, “Mr. Jones* is such a perv! He totally looks down my shirts!” Her friends agreed, and they continued angrily discussing similar studies as … Continue reading The Insidious Reality of Rape Culture

The America We Are and the America We Want to Be

It’s Wednesday morning, November 9th at around 11:30 am, and I’m sitting on my couch still in my pajamas, with puffy, red, tear-filled eyes. I’m exhausted and sad and deflated and confused. My eyes are at a level of red and puffy you get after hearing the faint sound of the flute start to play … Continue reading The America We Are and the America We Want to Be

Most Prevalent Issue of 2016: ISIS

In 2014, after ISIS fighters invaded the Nineveh province in Iraq and kidnapped thousands of Yezidis, these ISIS fighters sexually tortured the Yezidi women and girls (2). ISIS fighters raped the captives repeatedly, justifying their actions it by saying that Islam allows sex with slaves or women who don’t subscribe to ISIS’s idea of Islam … Continue reading Most Prevalent Issue of 2016: ISIS