The America We Are and the America We Want to Be

It’s Wednesday morning, November 9th at around 11:30 am, and I’m sitting on my couch still in my pajamas, with puffy, red, tear-filled eyes. I’m exhausted and sad and deflated and confused. My eyes are at a level of red and puffy you get after hearing the faint sound of the flute start to play … Continue reading The America We Are and the America We Want to Be

Most Prevalent Issue of 2016: ISIS

In 2014, after ISIS fighters invaded the Nineveh province in Iraq and kidnapped thousands of Yezidis, these ISIS fighters sexually tortured the Yezidi women and girls (2). ISIS fighters raped the captives repeatedly, justifying their actions it by saying that Islam allows sex with slaves or women who don’t subscribe to ISIS’s idea of Islam … Continue reading Most Prevalent Issue of 2016: ISIS

Sexual Violence and Politics: 2016 Election

The President of My Childhood As a young 3rd grader, our teacher gave a box of crayons with an assignment to draw the president of the United States. On my manila paper, I automatically drew a smiling man with a black suit holding an American flag, standing behind a podium giving a speech. This stick … Continue reading Sexual Violence and Politics: 2016 Election

Women in the Media

2016: The Most Globally Conscious Oscars? This year’s Oscars Academy Awards may have been the most globally conscious one yet. With Leonardo DiCaprio advocating for the environment and prevention of global warming, to Chris Rock bringing the inequitable treatment of Black Americans to light. Even Vice President Joe Biden attended and spoke about sexual assault … Continue reading Women in the Media

Female Photographers in Conflict

With death rates increasing for reporters and media personnel in conflict areas around the world,[7] there is a need for non-profits and news media outlets, such as the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and the International News Safety Institute (INSI), to fund training seminars and projects devoted to training international journalists in self-defense, first aid … Continue reading Female Photographers in Conflict