Speaking Sexism: Which Dialect Do You Speak?

Every language is shaped by the culture of those who speak it. As sexism persists in the cultures of the world, it will continue to persist in language. During a recent opportunity to live in Chile and learn Spanish in an immersive environment, I discovered the way sexism is demonstrated through the Spanish language. In … Continue reading Speaking Sexism: Which Dialect Do You Speak?


Data and Beauty Pageants

The Miss Peru contest begins with contestants giving their name, hometown and their bust, waist and hip measurements. This year, they still gave numbers, but instead of their measurements, all 23 contestants gave statistics about violence towards women in Peru. The rest of the evening, the contestants answered questions about how they would solve violence … Continue reading Data and Beauty Pageants

The Insidious Reality of Rape Culture

I experienced my first conscious encounter with rape culture as an eleven-year-old. I was leaving class one day when I heard one of my classmates say to a couple of her friends, “Mr. Jones* is such a perv! He totally looks down my shirts!” Her friends agreed, and they continued angrily discussing similar studies as … Continue reading The Insidious Reality of Rape Culture

Imprisoned by Fear: Street Harassment

Last year I studied abroad in Jerusalem, where street harassment and cat calls were  as much a part of the city life as delicious falafel or one-thousand-year-old churches. The catcalls mainly consisted of harmless proclamations of love or joking marriage proposals. But my female classmates and I never knew when one of those instances would … Continue reading Imprisoned by Fear: Street Harassment

Removing the Veil: The Real Path to Prostitution

“Sexual exploitation is a practice by which person(s) achieve sexual gratification or financial gain or advancement through the abuse of a person’s sexuality by abrogating that person’s human right to dignity, equality, autonomy, and physical and mental well-being… it is the right of every human being to live free of exploitation… sexual power is a … Continue reading Removing the Veil: The Real Path to Prostitution