Working as a Woman in National Security

Henry Kissinger. Colin Powell. Brent Scowcroft. These are names closely associated with the U.S. national security field. There are extraordinary women included in this list – such as Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice – that have their contributions to national security sometimes overlooked because they are women. Although women have made incredible strides in the … Continue reading Working as a Woman in National Security


Remembering Where We Came from and Looking Ahead to Where We Want to Be

I remember as a child thinking my grandma, or Meme we called her, was invincible. I would watch in awe as she seemed to seamlessly switch into different roles at the snap of a finger, morphing from grandma into businesswoman, into head of the household, or into a Sunday School teacher. The woman wore a … Continue reading Remembering Where We Came from and Looking Ahead to Where We Want to Be

Women in the Media

2016: The Most Globally Conscious Oscars? This year’s Oscars Academy Awards may have been the most globally conscious one yet. With Leonardo DiCaprio advocating for the environment and prevention of global warming, to Chris Rock bringing the inequitable treatment of Black Americans to light. Even Vice President Joe Biden attended and spoke about sexual assault … Continue reading Women in the Media

Reflections on CSW59/Beijing +20: Nathalia

I had the opportunity of attending the first week of the CSW59 conference and had a wonderful experience. I loved watching the dynamics of the United Nations and the role that each representative played in the discussions. I was amazed at the complexity of diplomacy and how frustrating it can be at times. I met … Continue reading Reflections on CSW59/Beijing +20: Nathalia

Reflections on CSW59/Beijing +20: William

The CSW59 conference was very influential.  While there I was able to attend many meetings, the most informative and influential of which I would like to report on. 1)      A New Framework for Gender Equality in Afghanistan.  This event was hosted by Afghan Women, with members of the government among those on the panel.  The … Continue reading Reflections on CSW59/Beijing +20: William