Breasts Uncovered

As I was researching breast cancer one day on the internet, I came across a curious website that I found to be very interesting. It’s called “007 Breasts” ( In a short paragraph, the website explains its purpose: “The number 007 (read as ‘double-oh-seven’) is normally connected with the thought of intelligence work and spies. Here at the ‘B’ doesn’t stand for “Bond” but for BREASTS. Our goal is to get people to use their intelligence, so as not to fall prey to the typical ‘007 – James Bond’ type of thinking, which is so prevalent in many countries of our world today.” In other words, it’s a site that demonstrates the importance of understanding breasts in their true light so as not to be deceived by culture and the media, which so often (and so easily) skew our perception of breasts (and if you haven’t noticed just how skewed, take a look at the blog for May 25 of this year, “The Sexualization of American Girls”).

The website appears to have been created by a group of women who got sick of people mistaking the purpose of breasts, and did something about it. I admire them for that. From breastfeeding to breast health to body image, the website has a variety of topics that explore a fairly taboo and misunderstood subject. The part of the website I most appreciated was the gallery, where women (and even some men) have posted bust shots of themselves anonymously, volunteering information about their ethnicity, age, weight, genes, thoughts of their own breasts, etc. as they desired. Page after page, normal, non-sexual breasts are carefully documented, proving the point that there is “enormous variation in what is normal”—that breasts come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The truth is I was fascinated. I had no idea there was such variation. I wished that every woman—especially younger girls who are curious or confused about the changes in their own bodies—could see this website. Some women’s remarks on the site are statements of assurance, while others write of how ashamed they have always been of their breasts. However, some of the best remarks are those from women who explained how they, after viewing the website, found comfort and confidence in how normal their breasts are. That is what I call progress.

Since running into the website, I have shared it with various friends of mine. Some find the site intriguing, as I did, and have been appreciative of the information. But others seem to question my sanity: “You were looking at pages of what on the computer?!” I wonder if it’s possible that they have honestly never been at least a little curious about their own breast appearance. Anyhow, I send out a big KUDOS to those who have created and contributed to the 007b website!

—by ASF

2 thoughts on “Breasts Uncovered

  1. Lauren says:

    The website tries to say that breasts aren’t sexual organs which isn’t really true. Breasts are organs that stimulate women sexually when they are touched, etc. Or at least that’s how it is with me….I don’t know about you…. I’m pretty sure that people are also actually turned on by breasts naturally. However, society objectifies the whole woman and restrictive beauty standards are developed culturally, so I do like the whole gallery of breast pictures thing.

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