Women’s Mobility

I spent over five months researching women’s mobility in practice to create the world’s first scale of women’s mobility. I considered myself a feminist and a researcher of women’s issues before this project, yet I was unaware of how much an inability to more freely in public damages the lives of some women. Women in … Continue reading Women’s Mobility


The WomanStats Awards

The WomanStats Project gives Awards each year to people, organizations, and countries for their achievements in raising the status of women throughout the world. These awards give credit to the people who can inspire us and show us that change for the betterment of women can happen, and indeed is happening. We also give reprimands … Continue reading The WomanStats Awards

Gender Quotas — by LKB

You’ve probably heard the term “gender quota” if you’ve done any sort of research about women who hold political office worldwide. This is a term that seems fairly obvious, but actually encompasses a wide variety of systems in implementation. The use of gender quotas has taken more heat in recent years, and it is being … Continue reading Gender Quotas — by LKB

Inequality of Women in Education — by HJ

I grew up in a home where education was extremely important.  In Elementary School when I took interest in math, my parents and teachers encouraged me to continue with this interest.  I never felt discouraged from studying math or science. It wasn’t until college when I realized that not all girls grow up that way. … Continue reading Inequality of Women in Education — by HJ

American Women’s Interest in Politics — by RNP

When I discuss the coming presidential election and the presidential candidates with other women, I tend to get things like “oh, I don’t really follow politics” or “I like [presidential candidate] but I don’t know much about politics.” Or when I discuss my ideal world and how I feel about various policies and contemporary conversations … Continue reading American Women’s Interest in Politics — by RNP

Women in Political Leadership — by GMK

In the United States we are one year away from our next presidential election. In both political parties there is a woman seeking their respective party’s nomination for president, but for now, the United States remains perhaps the most notable example of where women’s political leadership is lacking.  The sad reality is women’s political participation … Continue reading Women in Political Leadership — by GMK